Saturday, 28 July 2012

Why use PPC when doing SEO?

Why would you split your marketing budget between Pay Per Click (PPC) bid campaigns and Search engine optimisation(SEO)? SEO is so much cheaper long term why waste your money?

The answer is simple - while you are working on your SEO you are missing sales so missing out on revenue. So if you don't do PPC you are losing money!

Although PPC costs are not the cheapest, especially in competitive markets, they still bring in sales when the campaign is done correctly. As long as you know where your cut off is with how much you can afford to bid then you are OK. (And always make sure to watch your analytics!)

There are so many people/business at the moment doing work for cost and not making any profits which sounds crazy but when you are trying to make sure you can keep all your staff employed you do what you have to. If you use PPC you can get a new stream of customers that will help you make that profit that you need to make your business viable.

I am not saying don't do SEO as I think it is crucial for every website to have SEO but sometimes you need the results faster and you can't rank for everything with SEO so you have to strike a balance.

Its all about getting your marketing strategy correct from the start and we can help you with that as well as running you SEO and PPC campaigns.
Happy online marketing to one and all....

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