Saturday, 16 February 2013

PLA's and Google Shopping

Its all go, things moving and changing. Nothing is the same and its all very interesting.

Its interesting to watch at the moment, depending on browser and time depends on which version you get. Its odd to watch but very interesting to watch the testing that Google is doing.

This is a big switch over, as you will know if you are reading this. Search marketers are all scrambling for data and testing everything to improve on what they have.

One thing for sure is that PLA's are proving very popular and well worth the investment. Reports are suggesting that results are very good. This will be down to the PLA adverts being picture orientated and very focused I believe. People like pictures and if you see a PLA it's generally as you have asked for a specific product, which means you are well in to the buying cycle and ready to purchase.

It is very time consuming to optimise it fully though. Setting up individual ad groups for each product does not happen in 5 seconds. When you have 10 or 20 thousand products it takes a while. Work from the best products for the client and set goals. That's the best way.

Software is available to help, just pick wisely.

What are your thoughts on PLA's?

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