Monday, 13 August 2012

Duplicate content (Google update on dmca requests)

People create duplicate content all the time, most of the time not even realising. But what is most annoying is when someone takes it from you.

Google are rolling out a new update and it will devalue content pages and websites that have lots of dmca requests submitted aganst them. (These are just reports from people saying that their content has been copied).

This is good and bad: good as it helps us get rid of copied content, bad as its hard to control. It could give the spamming community another tool to hit our websites with for example.

Google will accept any request submitted to them unless challenged. If you miss the updates that reports have been filed against you then down goes your content. I may be wrong but this update could go one of two ways!

If the update works then great but I will sit back and watch before I commit etheir way. Fingers crossed for all us natural and ethical companies.

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