Monday, 8 October 2012

Google is not playing fair I hear people shout

I guess the bottom line is if you don't like it don't use it!

Think about it a different way, as if it was you business.

Your core profit comes from paid adverts, what is your focus going to be? Obviously its going to be paid search.

One thing is for sure though, Google offer one main service/product to its customers and that is good search results. They take that away and watch the users flock over to see Bing.

You have to play ball as it’s not your playground, its Google's. It's not good that they have such a monopoly on the online world but there is little we can do until some bright spark comes up with an idea to outdo them. The problem is when someone does Google will just hand over a couple of million and their problem goes away.

So if your fed up with Google and how it ranks websites then unfortunately there is little you can do about that. What you can do is accept it and play ball. By doing so you will see lots of traffic come to your website. The true sense of SEO will never die as long as it’s done to focus the website on the user not the search engine.

If you want to avoid the next search engine update then start usability testing your website, not checking out the new trick to con Google. I don’t think everything they do is correct but it's their business, do what they want.

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