Monday, 22 October 2012

The fight of the animals, How to beat off Panda’s, Penguins, EMD’s etc

I know EMD’s are not animals but the title was great up until then!

I can summaries this in one sentence;

Make your site user friendly and remove any rubbish links.

Sounds easy doesn’t it but everyone who has been involved with a site that has been hit knows its not straight forward. Key things to look at on your website;

  • Duplicate content
    • Remove or use a canonical link
  • Thin pages (pages that are content light or have no value)
    • Remove or tell the search engines to ignore them either using robots.txt or meta tags
  • Bad links
    • Look at the anchor text on your links, do you have lots of exact match keywords?
    • Do you have some dodgy looking links
    • Remove the above

  • Usability
    • Make sure the sites code is valid
    • Make sure you don’t have adverts everywhere
    • Make sure the content is worthy of being read
    • Make sure your keyword density is low
    • Make sure the content reads naturally
    • Check the navigation flows as it should
I hope this helps, for more detail give me a shout...

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