Thursday, 7 March 2013

Link Building Done Correctly

Link building is never easy, in terms of time and effort. The tasks need to be properly laid out and executed correctly. Why? Because they are done badly you are in line for some Google penalties.

We have just uploaded a new infographic on this page, check it out It demonstrates some things you need to avoid.

The aim of link building is to get as many natural links to your website as possible, right? To do that you need to spend the time and money to do it properly.

Doing it correctly

  • trying to make content go viral
  • pushing your social media interaction
  • speaking to people on blogs
  • getting your brand name out onto the internet
  • listing your website in appropriate places so people can find you
Doing it incorrectly

  • submitting to every directory available online, even if they have no value
  • putting comments on blogs that are unrelated and have no value
  • using keywords in links at every opportunity
  • doing social media just to get a link
  • putting profiles up on unrelated websites
  • not having a brand and pushing a keyword
The bottom line is there are some golden rules to link building and unless you follow them and take the time you will fail.

Seven Golden rules, nice and simple;
  1. Keep it natural
  2. Fresh is always best
  3. It has to be interesting
  4. Use multiple media methods (video, graphics, content etc)
  5. Ensure quality is kept high
  6. Don't worry about numbers, worry about exposing your brand and your offering
  7. Make sure who ever is doing the work cares about your business
Above all else do it for the correct reasons. You want to promote your business not damage your reputation so keep it clean and tidy. Drive the business, don't drive links. By doing this watch you search results get better and better.

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