Thursday, 28 March 2013

Link Building - To build or not to build...

When it comes to the words "Link Building" you should instinctively say, that's not natural so that's not ethical SEO. Or should you?

It all depends how you do it. Its more brand exposure than link building these day. Telling people where you are and sharing content/media. By doing that you naturally gain links and its helps SEO. So maybe we should be calling it brand building?

Think about these different types of link building, if you do them ethically they are actually brand building;

  1. Directories - have have a link with your company name to your website in niche, related directories. So if anyone if trying to find a company and hits that busy directory there is a chance they will find your brand and come to your website for a look.
  2. Comment Marketing - going to blogs and interacting with posts about topics related to your website. You have a link with your name on that goes back to your website. So if anyone likes what you are saying they can find out more.
  3. Guest blog posts - you are trying to capture the audience of another website and show them you know your stuff in your niche. There is a bio section that points back to your website for them to find out more
The list goes on but this should give you the picture I am trying to paint. When you build links think about your brand and by doing it you should have great results.

We have recently launched a new infogrphaic on link building, take a look I think its great. The 4 characters to avoid at all costs. Great stuff.

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