Monday, 10 September 2012

Keyword Match Domain or a Brand?

Should you buy a domain with a keyword match or should you go for a brand? This question is asked by thousands of people and the answer depends on your business.

If your a small company and you are looking for some extra traffic then I would go with an exact match domain if possible. (For those who do not know what I mean; exact match would be and a brand would be SEO company is a keyword and people search for the exact phrase.) The reasons are simple; you don't need to do as much SEO and your ranking for that phrase will be easier to get a number one spot for.

If you are looking for more than just a couple of keywords in the search engines and brand awareness is important to you then you need to get a branded domain.

A branded domain takes longer to get results but in the end people look for it. With an exact match keyword domain you will only get traffic for the keyword and people will not remember the brand.

If you are in a very competitive market it helps to have your main keyword in the url but you need to think about it in terms of what people will type and what they will remember.

I hope that helps, in summary if your a small business go for an exact match and if your a larger company then go with a brand. if you sit in the middle you can always launch a couple of sites?

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