Friday, 16 November 2012

PPC and SEO - its all about being relevant

Google makes one thing clear at the moment. Make sure its relevant.

What does this mean and how does it impact pay per click and search engine optimisation?

Relevant just means making sure the content on your website is related to that of the websites linking in, any marketing campaigns you are running and the social media activity that links in.

Help full tips;
  1. Make sure you release related articles on your website every week
  2. Make sure your blog ties into the website theme/topic
  3. Make sure your social media theme is also relevant to your website
  4. When doing SEO make sure that you tweak your on site optimisation to emphasis relevancy
  5. When link building ensure links are in topic and relevant
The golden rules;
  1. Relevant
  2. Quality
  3. Purpose
If all your efforts meet these points you should be heading in the correct direction.

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