Saturday, 17 November 2012

SEO Multi Platform Marketing - Desktop, Mobile and Tablets

So you have a nice website and it looks great but have you checked it on a mobile or a tablet? There are things you need to do in terms of design and technical to ensure your website variables are SEO friendly. By doing this you also optimise them for the user.

To do list;
  • Get access to: a windows + Android + Apple desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Get you developer and designer to come up with solutions for each platform
  • launch a test site for each
  • Test they work and look great
  • Ensure you put the correct code in to tell the search engines they are the same site just different versions for each platform
  • load the sites
  • track activity on analytics
  • use CRO and UX design to continuously improve

This is very effective for ecommerce platforms and if it’s done correctly it can result in huge improvements in turnover.

We do have experts to help with all these areas if you need a hand

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