Monday, 26 November 2012

Why you should not sign up to £50 PM SEO

I hate the fact that companies can get away with charging £50 a month ( or a similar amount) and claim to be giving a company’s website SEO. Generally what they are doing is giving them a monthly automated report. It’s scandalous.

Search engine optimisation is about taking your website, making is user friendly and thus search engine friendly and then building authority to it. It’s not about pumping out a report that means nothing and thinking that’s enough.

If someone or company offers you SEO for £50 per month walk away. It’s not what it seems. We base our prices on time, for £50 a month we would struggle to do anything productive in terms of SEO, it’s just not enough time to;

1.      Manually check webmasters tool to ensure everything is as it should be

2.      Run website audit checks on any changes that month to the website

3.      Manually check and report on progress

4.      Research links

5.      Build links

6.      Give you some advise when you need it for key website decisions

7.      etc

SEO it not an overnight marketing tool that you can do in an hour, it’s a long term strategy to help your company change from being as you are to being a lot bigger!

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